Portraits of Mas

Curated  by  Wanna Thompson

Film Photography 


Portraits of Mas, a captivating project that explores the beauty of mas. This mesmerizing project embarks on a creative odyssey, debuting with the series: "For she/for he/for them.”

Since the release, Wanna has continued to spotlight individuals of Caribbean descent involved in the universe of mas with the assistance of photographer, Brianna Roye. With every click, we strive to document the essence of mas, celebrating the emotions it evokes – from the raw vulnerability to the unbridled freedom of self-expression.

“Representation is such an important aspect of my art practice. As a Moko Jumbie, l integrate traditional masquerade elements into my artistic expression, exploring the intersection of cultural heritage and identity. Through costumes and personal style, I celebrate Black identity and cultural pride within the context of Trinidadian masquerade.
The term “Moko Jumbie” draws from West Africa, where
“Moko” signifies spirit or ancestral presence, while “Jumbie” is a Caribbean term for a ghost or spirit. These towering figures historically guarded villages and tribes and symbolize protection.”- Pixel Heller

To learn more visit portraitsofmas.com 

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