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Through my exploration of Carnival, I embarked on a journey to connect with a culture and community. This journey transcended mere curiosity; it became an exploration of my own identity and the sheer exuberance of Black joy. At the heart of this exploration stands the Moko Jumbie—a figure steeped in the resilience of my ancestors, a symbol of protection and endurance amid adversity. For me, embodying the Moko Jumbie is notjust about donning a costume; it is a profound experience of pride and joy, as well as a moment where I truly feel connected to my communal heritage. I am Pixel Jumbie, the chosen protector aiming to continue my ancestor's legacy in the bustling streets of the 21st century metropolis.

In my artistic expression, I aim to blend tradition with modernity, infusing each costume with elements that reflect my Caribbean heritage as well as the realities of the diasporic experience in Canada. The juxtaposition of traditional symbolism with contemporary styling, like the North Face jacket against the urban backdrop, speaks volumes about the intersectionality of my identity. Through the lens of photography, I immortalize these moments—capturing the essence of the Black Canadian experience intertwined with the ancestral embodiment of the Moko Jumbie. These images, monumental in scale, demand attention and space, asserting our presence in a world that often tries to erase us.

In the dialogue between each image, a narrative unfolds—one of connection and continuity, bridging the past, present, and future. As Pixel Jumbie, I stand at the intersection of these timelines, a living testament to the enduring spirit of resilience, joy, and cultural affirmation within the Black Canadian experience.

Photographed by Tsemaye Tite

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